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Your Proofing Includes:

Effortless lead capture
Built-In CRM to grow your network

Share & find more clients, simply.

PhotoBiz Proofing galleries are magically mobile, viewable on every device possible. Send galleries to your clients and let them view, like, comment, and share with their friends and family, too! Your website captures new visitors' information, so you can sell to more customers and grow your lead list naturally.


Secure for Clients

Get Social

Capture Leads

Comments & Likes

Free Email Marketing

Personal Apps

Automatically Grow Your Client List

The bride and groom, the new parent, and the graduate - they're just your first level of buyer. Online proofing opens up the sale to grandparents, the aunts, and the uncles - everyone who wants a token of the memory you created for your client. Each subject you shoot is connected to a universe of family members who are excited about purchasing photos of their loved ones.

Send free marketing emails

Each PhotoBiz Proofing account comes with 2,000 free marketing emails to send each month. Create easy promotional messages using our library of templates and send to your clients. Make landing pages to share about promotions and get more leads. Market your business simply, with PhotoBiz.

Start conversations

Every time a visitor uses a proofing gallery, "likes" a photo, leaves a comment or buys a product, their information is captured. Using Conversations (our version of chat), you can quickly reach out to your customer or lead and send branded, professional communications from your computer or through the PhotoBiz App.